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La Margarita Food & Services

Comprehensive solutions for the Food Industry.

100% natural ingredients

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La Margarita

We have been manufacturing and marketing food ingredients to third parties since the 1980s, specialising in offering a comprehensive service from reception, development, manufacturing and packaging to product labelling.

Full services

Technical advice

We provide our technical knowledge with current trends ensuring compliance with the current law for your products.

Formulation and development

We create and develop ad-hoc formulations and adapt to your market needs.

Manufacturing and packaging

We use high quality raw materials and offer packaging formats to suit your requirements.

Labelling and packaging

We have a technical team to guide you in labelling and packaging so that the product complies with current regulations.

Warehousing and receiving

Our comprehensive service includes warehousing and receiving of the product in order to adapt to the supply planning.


Based on our experience, versatility, efficient and effective solutions, quality, confidentiality, ethical principles and corporate social responsibility. .

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We customise your projects

Flavors, Textures, Colors, Aromas

We preserve aroma, texture and micronutrients to offer high quality raw materials.


Choose the format that best suits your product: jars, sticks, bulk in boxes, sacks, etc.


We design your labels and offer current legislative advice services.

  • Storage
  • Receipt of raw material
  • Crushing
  • Screening of different particle sizes
  • Grinding
  • Steam heat treatment
  • Pelletisation and granulation
  • Final packaging.


We have extensive experience in the development and formulation of food ingredients.

We adapt to the needs of our customers and customise our products.

Distributor Brand

At La Margarita we produce a wide range of natural ingredients to be marketed under distributor brands, which we make available to our customers at an international level.
We transfer innovation applied to our services so that new developments reach consumers. With all the necessary instruments that guarantee the integrity and safety of our products.

For individual consumption or for use in the catering industry.

We produce our food ingredients in all formats and use the most popular jars and pots in the food market.

Formatos de Packaging

Palet 30x60

6 Presentation boxes of 100 gr

15 - 20 bags

EXHIBITORS (90 + 90)

1 Presentation boxes of 100 gr

15 - 20 bags

PALET 72 X 10 KG

200 gr (50)

250 gr (40)

500 gr (20)

1 kg (10)

5kg (2)

PALET 100 X 5 KG

100 gr (50)

200 gr (25)

250 gr (20)

500 gr (10)

1 kg (5)

100% natural and sustainable plant based powder products.

Tools and protocols to ensure proper management in food safety.

We preserve the aroma, texture and micronutrients of the product.


Our Certifications

"Take your idea and we make it happen"

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