Quality policy

Diego Pérez Riquelme e Hijos S.L.U. (La Margarita) places the highest priority on the quality and food safety of the products it offers. For this reason, it is committed to maintaining a quality and food safety management system based on:

• Providing the customer with a safe, wholesome, authentic, and uniquely high-quality product that complies with legal requirements and assuming responsibility towards its customers.

• Continuous improvement in process performance and the suitability of services provided by DIEGO PÉREZ RIQUELME E HIJOS, S.L.U.

• Motivating and raising awareness among raw material suppliers of the need to supply safe, wholesome, authentic, and high-quality products that meet legal requirements.

• Maintaining ethical and moral behavior among employees, as well as with customers and suppliers, involving them in the improvements made within the company.

• Ensuring employees have a means of anonymously communicating their comments and contributions to Management.

• Having adequate infrastructure and qualified, trained personnel to ensure the permanence and growth of products in the market within a process of continuous improvement.

• Ensuring complete customer satisfaction by meeting established deadlines and addressing their needs and requirements, thereby minimizing customer complaints and becoming differential suppliers.

• Ensuring the protection and conservation of the environment through concrete actions and appropriate processes, optimizing resources, and making decisions for sustainable development.

• Promoting a Food Safety culture at all levels of the Organization through training, awareness, and ongoing training of our staff in all activities they carry out related to the food safety of our products and services. Likewise, guaranteeing the competence of our employees related to food safety through continuous improvement in food safety culture.

• Employees are informed of the existence of a quality manual to ensure the quality and food safety of all food produced by the company.

• Motivating and raising awareness among Halal raw material suppliers of the need to supply safe and high-quality products that comply with the legal requirements of the Halal culture.

DIEGO PÉREZ RIQUELME E HIJOS S.L.U. commits to continuous improvement in its quality and food safety policy, and through this document, Management communicates it to employees, suppliers, customers, and the general public.

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