DIEGO PEREZ RIQUELME E HIJOS S.L. through its quality policy will, at the behest of his direction:

➢ To assure our customers that the Quality Management and Food Safety of our company is in accordance with the existing international ISO 22000 :2005.

➢ Full compliance with product safety we offer.

➢ To demonstrate to our clients our concern and commitment to quality and food safety, following demonstrating our competitiveness in our market.

➢ In fulfillment of our mission, offering services and products with the level of quality required by our customers.

➢To ensure traceability and sanitary conditions of all our products.

➢ The involvement, collaboration and participation of all employees securing de welfare and proper formation of each one.

The top management of DIEGO PÉREZ RIQUELME E HIJOS S.L. will provide all the tools and resources necessary to make a success of the policy of quality as intended.

Thus, we intend to expressly state the commitment in the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the quality management system and food safety from reception to the end customer.