In DIEGO PEREZ RIQUELME E HIJOS S.L. we establish relationships of trust with our customers through:

➢ Providing quality products and reliability to our final consumers.
➢ Providing products-services to our customers.
➢ To ensure food quality and safety in accordance with international standards EN ISO 22000 :2005.
➢ To promote corporate social responsability.



We want to be the reference company inescapable in milling and packaging for third and final consumers in the food sector of paprika and spices.

➢ High international market shares and important national presence.

➢ With a highly recognized product by its quality, profitability and customer service.



➢ To understand what adds value for our customers and add this value to everything we do.

➢ To serve our consumers continually challenging us to achieve the highest levels of quality in our products and never jeopardize food safety standards.

➢ Respect and openness to diversity of cultures and traditions .

➢ We strive for integretion into the cultures and traditions of each country in which we operate while maintaining fidelity to the values and principles of the company.

➢ Personal relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

➢ Commitment with a solid work ethic, integrity and honesty, as well as compliance with the applicable legislation and the principles, policies and standards of La Margarita.